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LBMA Approved

We source ‘Good Delivery Gold’ from a London Bullion Market Association approved refinery. The LMBA conducts over 80,000 gold transactions and is a purveyor over most of the world’s gold dispensaries.

WTO Regulated

Karatbars is set on firmly upholding International Bullion Laws as defined by the World Trade Organization.

Guaranteed Quality

The extraction process used in Karatbar development uses absolutely no cyanide or mercury.

WGC Recognized

The World Gold Council is the largest market development organization for the global gold industry.

Weight Certified

Each bullion is authenticated by a certified Assayer’s stamp and signature and serial number embossed.

High-tech Security

Karatbars uses a unique security hologram embedded with a unique security hologram that adorns the reverse side of each valid trademark stamped bar. Additional, bars are laminated with UV protective film.

Custom Branding Karatbar®

  • Use as business cards, they display appreciation to clients or prospects.
  • They make great gift cards for friends, family, and colleagues.
  • Commemorate special event.
  • Use as fundraising campaign tools.

over 6 million karatbars have been sold


  • Absolutely fantastic and easy way for everyday South Africans to protect their hard earned money from the ongoing devaluation of paper currency every time a politician opens his mouth or appoints 2 different finance ministers over a weekend. I'm very scam-wary and have researched Karatbars extensively through global peer reviews. This is not a get rich quick scheme (sorry). It's a quick way to stop wealth erosion and lock down the wealth you created in a (gold backed) manner that we all know works. Also a great, well-automated sideline or main line business you can carry on growing through your own personal networks. It's back to the Gold Standard. The more things change, the more they stay the same! Well done on a fantastic product! Love the German precision and efficiency of the whole process.

    Marco V. Karatbars Affiliate
  • I am excited to be a new representative of Karatbars in Hico, Texas and Lakeside City, Texas. I believe this company's vision for starting a free savings account and exchanging paper money for gold is wonderful. I am looking forward to sharing this with all my friends and helping them begin to save and grow a residual income if they choose. I, too, believe this is a gift from Heaven to help me live the rest of my life sharing this vision with others and being a Nana to my grandchildren.

    Noel M. Karatbars Affiliate
  • I am so grateful and appreciative that I was introduced to Karatbars International. It was an answered prayer and came at just the right time when I was beginning to learn to know the truth about the financial system, the history of the dollar, and just everything economic that I wasn't taught or told in school, banks, etc. And the fact that they have an optional opportunity with their Affiliate program to get paid when we share their company is an added bonus to me. I am a full time homemaker, so this is perfect for me to stay at home, teach my children financial information and business, assist my husband with an income, and still help people too! Gratitude Mr. Harald Seiz for having this dream and vision, and fulfilling it. You are greatly appreciated. Peace, Love and Light to you and yours, and all the team and employees of Karatbars International.Orem ipsum dolor sit amet conse ctetur adipisicing elit seddo eiusmod tempor incid idunt labore etut dolore magna aliqua.

    Angelica S. Karatbars Affiliate

custom branding cards are perfect for

many occasions

Special Events
Commemorate a momentous life event, or giving a gift to someone special.
Special Events
Get your own licensed Karatbar card for your brand or business - earn commissions from each sale.
Utilized Karatbars as a crowdfunding system for assistance in funding a number of needs or causes.
M2 series

bringing gold ownership to the masses with various


we create goldSourcing and goldFunding options for different

types of businesses

we’ve reached several


1 gram bars sold
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Crowdfunding with gold!

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