My first online sale of Karatbars-how does it work?


Comfortable and uncomplicated.

If you have stored your gold with Karatbars:
Your gold will be sold out from your online account at the current redemption price.
You will receive your money within a few days on your account.

If you have stored your gold yourself:
First, share with us online via email, how much gold you provide us – including your account number.
Second, you will receive a binding offer with courses according to our price list Karatbars.
Third, our logistics partner gets the goods on our behalf.
Fourth, we examine your goods for authenticity and recyclability (state). Everything should be fine, as soon as possible, the agreed purchase price, less the collection costs credited to the account specified by you or:
Fifth, should your goods be recycled, contrary to expectations, we will contact you by telephone link.

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