What does the product of Karatbars International offer?


The group Karatbars offers one of the most extraordinary range of products on the market. Karatbars International gold bars are characterized by high quality workmanship and quality.

The producers and suppliers of our one-gram gold bars are all listed on the London Boullion Assossiation Market (LBMA), which is a guarantee for production and supply stability.

An absolute highlight of our products are the countries gold cards. On these special cards you have glorious colors  showcasing the respective national flags. These gold bars from Karatbars International are characterized by high quality workmanship and quality.

You also have the opportunity to acquire limited edition gold card collector pieces. We aim to offer several different editions with a variety of interesting subjects. Since we often need a license for these cards and the requirements are small to maintain uniqueness ad collectability, the price differs from the regular gold card.

These Karatbars International gold bars are manufactured with the usual high quality of workmanship.

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