Creating Widespread Gold
Ownership and Circulation

Whether it’s ensuring your money, raising needed funds, supporting your favorite cause, creating a stream of income, or exchanging fiat currency into transactional gold bullion, Karatbars has affordable solutions for businesses, organizations, families, and individuals.

we are excited about

what we do

Creating financial freedom and security for the average person is what drives us.


istory has proven that physical gold is the best monetary asset to hold when it comes to retaining purchasing power over the long-term. Compared to all paper currencies from the time they come into existence, gold never loses its purchasing power while paper currencies continue to lose value over time (average 27 years) until they become insolvent.

In recent times of economic uncertainty, and a history of recurring financial crashes, household incomes have dwindled. Karatbars offers a system that not only continuously builds wealth and protects in the event of economic decline or a catastrophic financial collapse. The company is a strong supporter of individuals, organizations, and small business which need more financial freedom and security.

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