A Resource for Family Reunion Organizers and Genealogical Societies. Gathering the extended family together for a reunion has become a monumental task as more people relocate or settle away from their personal and family hometowns. With the increase in lodging and event venue rates, many find themselves unable to attend major family gatherings.

GOLDFunding is a way to curtail the costs of reunions while providing family members financially appreciating memorabilia that commemorates the family heritage. Subsequently, GOLDFunding can also assist in curtailing the costs of hiring researchers as well as the purchase genetic DNA test kits for genealogical research efforts.

Karatbars International is a company whose mission is to bring physical gold savings and resultant financial freedom to the masses and is a strong supporter of individuals, organizations, and families which need more financial options and security.

History has proven that physical gold is the BEST monetary asset to hold when it comes to retaining purchasing power over the long term. Compared to all paper currencies from the time they come into existence, gold never loses its purchasing power while paper currencies continue to lose value over time (average 27 years) until they become insolvent.

What if there was a way to generate a continuous growing passive funding stream for your reunion organizing efforts of both cash AND gold by providing the opportunity for you and your relatives to do the same? Solution:  Karatbars GOLDFunding.

Family reunions are an important part of family life. … Given a chance, family reunions and celebrations can provide family members with important values, strong and lasting bonds, and a deep sense of belonging that they can pass on to their children and their grandchildren. – USA Today

How does the Karatbars GOLDFunding work?
  1. Register for a FREE gold savings account.
  2. Then, register your family members, 18 and older, as your downline. Your relatives can purchase custom branded commemorative reunion or genealogical society Karatbar Gold Cards as either an investment or keepsake. With a free account, you will earn a commission percentage from their purchases that you can apply to your funding goal.
  3. Additionally, you can choose an OPTIONAL business marketing package that will allow you to earn a higher commission percentage from commemorative Karatbars Gold Card purchases.
  4. There is also the option to set up a monthly or weekly gold Auto-Save for your free online gold savings account. Auto-Save is a way to ensure your fiat currency with gold.
  5. Leverage your wealth building by telling relatives and connections how they can do the same by registering for FREE Karatbars gold savings accounts and start their own GOLDFunding Campaign.


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