Celebrate Those Who Matter

Award the well deserving in your life with these commemorative gold bar keepsakes.


celebrate the important ones in your life

gift them gold

These customized gift cards are a great way to show appreciation in a way that creates a  wealth legacy for the people that matter? By purchasing one of the Custom Branded Karatbars, London Bullion Market Association approved 999.99 gold-embedded, cards supporters receive an appreciating keepsake. It serves as a reminder of their special purpose, value, as well as expresses an extra special thank you. This product is exchangeable, transactionable, and is also a transferable asset.

how it works

step 1

A) Register for a free Affiliate Gold Saving Account. You will have the option to register as a Business Affiliate Partner by selecting among 4 business marketing packages. Make sure to upload your KYC Documents in order to confirm your identity. This may take up to 3 business days.  B) Go to Product Purchase > Create Your Own Card. Choose from the 1 gram or 0.1 gram card.  Add the item to your cart, and complete your transaction. C) We work with you to provide FREE customization service and to finalize the artwork for your commemorative Custom Branded Karatbars CardD) When your final artwork file is released to you, complete your order by submitting (via email) your artwork to Karatbars.

step 2

Now that you have an affiliate account, you can direct your family, friends, colleagues,  and peers to your online store where they can, also, register for a free affiliate account and purchase a special Custom Branded Karatbars Card as well as other fine gold products.  You will earn commissions payable by check or on a Karatbars issued Gold MasterCard. You can also tap into your fast-track incentive where you can earn special bonus commissions, discounts and free gold and KBC cryptocurrency by sharing this opportunity with others.

step 3

If you’ve chosen to receive physically receive your gold instead of stored in your gold savings account, your order will be shipped to you via FedEx. Our gold is London Bullion Market approved and assayed. All Karatbars gold products include built-in authentication technology that ensures authenticity.  Consider gifting with gold regularly; set up an auto-ship subscription and gift yourself gold weekly or monthly. We have many wonderful products and services available.


customize your card

Use memorable photos of friends and family to make your Karatbars Gift Card order extra special. Submit up to upon completing your purchase. The design on the front of this card features a textured pink heart shape that can optionally mask a personal photo, along with white textured text where you specify the noun describing the gift card recipient. This is set over a black and gray textured overlay of the word ‘best’ in the background. The design on the back of the card features a textured double heart shape set over a solid background color that can be customized with personal background photograph.

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