Pricing, Product & Affiliate Program Key Points


Karatbars announces the release of “CASHGOLD” & the breakthrough Gold Banking/Shopping App “KaratPAY”!

These products launch the Karatbars International Virtual Gold Shopping, Savings and Exchange Program called K-Exchange. Look for the release of this program beginning in 2018 or better yet… register for your own free Karatbars Gold Savings account, become an Independent Karatbars Affiliate and set yourself up for residual income & generational wealth through Karatbars’ Referral Marketing Program. 


Finally, in 2018 look for the release of the GOLD BACK app function. This function will empower people to shop through KaratPAY using their credit cards (Visa & MasterCard) and get GOLD BACK into their Karatbars Gold Savings platform from participating vendors! People will actually be able to acquire gold by doing something they love to do… SHOP!

The new Premium and Premium Professional Packages, available NOW, will even pay you a percentage of ALL CASHGOLD SALES WORLDWIDE FOREVER!

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